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Kluberpress E 2-802

Powdered release agent for aluminium alloy extrusion


Klüberpress E 2-802 is an advanced powdered release agent for use during the extrusion of aluminium alloys.

It is a graphite-free, inorganic solid lubricant with special additives.

  • Carefully selected raw materials enable optimum separation of the contact surfaces.

Further advantages making Klüberpress E 2-802 superior to many other release agents include:

  • Very low fume and gas formation
  • Fine metering is possible
  • Minimum-quantity application
  • Cleanliness of use

    Benefits for your application

    • Prevents welding between billet, dummy block nose and die
    • Graphite-free
    • Economical consumption
    • Virtually no residue build-up
    • No raw materials containing silicone
    • If used properly, no carry-over of lubricant particles into the profiles
    • Low fume and gas formation
    • No waste water contamination
    • Stable at temperatures above 1000 °C