Lubricating oils

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Things run smoother with the right lubricating oil. Speciality lubricating oils with good penetration and wetting abilities protect reliably against friction and wear. It’s important to select the right oil for your application and you will find the matching solution for your application in our wide product range.

High-quality lubricating oils have a good wetting ability and spread easily across the components. Their good viscosity-temperature behaviour ensures that the oil film viscosity is maintained, making them a good choice for high speeds and high temperature applications. Many of our lubricating oils also remove heat, contaminating particles and residues from the friction points, allowing continuous cooling, cleaning and lubrication.

By choosing an oil from our comprehensive product range, you benefit from all these advantages. We offer high-performance oils in a wide range of viscosities for different material combinations, applications and industries. Examples include gears, chains, compressors, machine tools and in industries such as automotive, chemicals and pharmaceuticals. We work closely with manufacturers of components and machines and operators to develop individual solutions. Our speciality lubricants are tested in our comprehensive test labs to ensure they work as you expect as soon as you receive them.

Chain oils for high requirements

Chain drives must function reliably under tough operating conditions: humidity, media influence, high, low or fluctuating temperatures. You expect the oil to penetrate the chain links and to ensure reliable lubrication. Our speciality lubricants increase the lifetime of your chains even at high temperatures and thus reduce your maintenance costs.

You may find the following chain oils worth considering:
Klübersynth CH 2-100 N
Klübersynth CHM 2-220
Klüberfood NH1 CH 2-220 Spray

You will find further Information on our chains website.

Compressor oils – suited to your requirements

Compressors are expected to function for long service intervals without maintenance. It is essential to select the right lubricating oil for the compressed medium, which can be air, process gas or a refrigerant. Our Klüber Summit product range is proven for compressors of all types. They minimise wear and extend service intervals for higher compressor availability. Klüber Tyreno fluids are proven effective for the evacuation of gases, for example with vacuum pumps. 

The following lubricating oils are particularly suitable for compressors:
Klüber Summit FG series (screw and piston compressors) 
Klüber Summit SH series (screw compressors)
Klüber Summit DSL series (vane compressors)

Our oil range for vacuum pumps includes the following product:
Klüber Tyreno-Fluid M100V

Our compressor page tells you more about our solutions for compressors.

Solid lubricant suspensions for high temperatures

Solid lubricant suspensions like Klüberplus S 01-004 are the ideal solution for components and machines subject to high temperatures. They combine excellent wetting ability, good corrosion protection and high stability to ensure that the solid lubricants conveyed by the carrier oil provide effective wear protection of your components at high temperatures. Solid lubricant suspensions facilitate reliable lubrication for extended periods. They can be used for drive and control chains in melting furnaces, plate carrier chains in baking ovens or as die-casting release agent for copper alloys.